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    • Numerical modeling of bending of micropolar plates 

      Kvasov, Roman; Steinberg, Lev (Elsevier, 2013)
      In this paper we present the Finite Element modeling of the bending of micropolar elastic plates. Based on our recently published enhanced mathematical model for Cosserat plate bending, we present the micropolar plate field ...
    • Weather Radar Data Visualization Using First-Order Interpolation 

      Kvasov, Roman; Cruz-Pol, Sandra; Colóm-Ustáriz, José; León Colón, Leyda; Rees, Paula (IGARSS, 2013)
      In this article we present the visualization of NEXRAD reflectivity data by means of first-order (bilinear) interpolation. We provide the comparison of the raw and interpolated data with the corresponding values ...
    • Analytical Modeling of Vibration of Micropolar Plates 

      Steinberg, Lev; Kvasov, Roman (2015-05)
      This paper presents an extension of mathematical static model to dynamic problems of micropolar elastic plates, recently developed by the authors. The dynamic model is based on the generalization of Hellinger-Prange-Reissner ...